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Cleveland Price-to-Rent Ratio Among the highest in the country

The Price-to-Rent Ratio (P2R) is the ration of cost of a property (price) vs the Rent that same property would earn.  To put it simply: in the Greater Cleveland investment real estate market you’ll get more return (rent) on your investment dollar (price) buying investment property here than anywhere else in the country.

Rapidly Increasing Prices & Appreciation

While the Coasts and primary markets across the U.S. have reached their pre-recession peak real estate values, and in many cases have far exceeded those past peak values and are incredibly over-heated markets, Cleveland is just getting warmed up!  What has been long favored as the fundamental real estate investment haven for cash-flow is now also being regarded and a great place to substantial appreciation due to the timing of a later-than-most market correction!

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Cleveland Welcomes Two New AMAZON Locations!

Growth is being fueled by investments such as Amazon’s two fulfillment centers totaling 3,000 brand new jobs right in the heart of our Turnkey Operating Areas!

  • New North Randall location (Maple Heights / Warrensville Heights, Bedford Heights) with more than 2,000 brand new jobs!
  • New Euclid location (Euclid / Cleveland Heights / Richmond Heights / South Euclid / Wickliffe / Willowick / Eastlake)
  • Amazon has announced plans to open its fifth fulfillment Center in the Buckeye State, this one will be built in Euclid.
  • Amazon has committed to opening a massive fulfillment center in the Cleveland suburban village of North Randall, where more than 2,000 people could find jobs.
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