What is turnkey real estate?

  • A turnkey rental property is a comprehensively rehabbed property, which often has a tenant and property management in place. A buyer/investor has an opportunity to invest in turnkey real estate without having to navigate any challenges in the industry. At 20/20 Real Estate we like to say “We’ve done all the work for you - Your Vision. Our Expertise.”

What's different about a 20/20 Real Estate transaction?

  • Our process includes a streamlined buyer assistance program we offer throughout the closing process. We also handle and control all of our acquisitions, oversee our comprehensive construction and renovation, as well as leasing and property management directives. 

Can I invest in my self directed IRA or solo 401k plan?

  • Absolutely. You may buy these properties with cash from your accounts and we also have preferred lenders who may provide financing options

How do investors earn returns?

  • Returns are earned from the rental cash flow after deducting expenses (which may include mortgage payments, property management fees, repairs and maintenance) and any appreciation in the property value when it’s sold. If you are not self-managing, the net cash flow is forwarded to you on a monthly basis from your Property Manager, who collects the rent. 

Can I invest through an LLC, trust or partnership?

  • Yes. You can invest through any vehicle which can hold title to real property. At contract and/or closing you will have the opportunity to indicate how you would like to hold the title. Please check with your financial advisor to determine which structure would be most beneficial for you.

How is market rent determined?

  • We utilize recent comparables as well as recommendations from our leasing agents following their premarket walkthroughs. In addition, our organization has repurposed well over 1000 properties in our areas and as such have been very much involved as a market maker over the last decade. .

Why is Cleveland a good market?

  • Ever since the market crashed in 2007, Cleveland has always been a top 3 city in the country for best price to rent ratios. Plain and simple, investors can earn the greatest return per dollar invested in Cleveland real estate. In addition as major coastal markets across the country rapidly appreciated driving pricing to all-time highs, middle American markets such as Cleveland are still several years delayed in the rebound. Therefore, there is still time to gain significant appreciation in addition to your cash flow. Cleveland boasts numerous Fortune 500 companies which provide stability for homeowners and renters alike.  

How do I know the property I'm buying is a good one?

  • Due diligence! We are very selective in the neighborhoods in which we operate. We provide our inventory for sale to our investors for a predetermined period of time. If they do not sell, we then move the property into our own long term hold portfolio. Point being, we are happy to own anything we provide for sale.

How can I get over my objections to investing out of state?

  • We always recommend to come visit and see our properties. In past experiences this has given investors the confidence they need with which to proceed.

Why choose a turnkey property versus investing on my own?

  • Our value is that we are expert in our locations, which properties to buy, and at what level to renovate them in a comprehensive manner.  It takes an enormous amount of expertise and management (not to mention capital) to repurpose properties to a turnkey level.  It can be incredibly risky to do this yourself without having local controls and expertise in place. 

What is the extent of rehab that you do?

  • Our specialty is the delivery of fully refurbished, code compliant, tenanted and managed suburban homes across the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan area. Property renovations are typically undertaken with the reduction of short to mid-term maintenance liabilities in mind and no major capital expenditures for 10+ years. 

Do you provide home warranties on these properties?

  • Yes, we provide a 1 year home warranty on all of our newly renovated properties through America's Preferred Home Warranty.  Look for the “1 Year Warranty” promotion labeled on a property page.

Where can I find your inventory?

  • You can find our inventory on our website www.2020realestate.com. We also have a weekly mailer you can sign up for through our website that provides all sorts of different information as well as new off market properties!

How do I start?

  • Just give us a call! We can explain in more detail how our streamlined process works, as well as answer any questions you may have. We are more than happy to walk you through reserving a property that specifically fits your goals and objectives!

What happens once I’ve selected a property?

  • The first step is completing a reservation form, at which point you will receive an email detailing next steps. Our streamlined buyer assistance program includes a dedicated Closings Coordinator to guide you step-by-step through the entire closing process. Click here for further illustration on How It Works.

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