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This Recent Pre-Sold Success Story Could Be You! Cleveland Buyers

Turnkey Real Estate At Its Finest  - This recent pre-sold success story could be you!

The property at 17412 Invermere Ave. is valued between $110k-$120k. It was pre-sold to one of our direct investors at our direct & discounted price prior to construction reaching completion. 

Listing Stats of this Property:

Received 3 applications within 10 days of hitting the market

Renter vetted & approved in 3 days 

Renter scheduled to move in 7/1

Rental amount $995/mo



Sales are crazy. Active buyers are reserving properties before

construction completion and are successfully

closing with a 30 day contract period.
Who's got $56k in the bank? 638 Plum Ave. is lining up to be the next perfect success story. It is newly leased at $795/mo. The price is $59k, but cash buyers who can close in 2 weeks can purchase the property for an additional discount value at $56k, providing for double digit ROI.

Is your bank savings account giving you that type of return?