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Duplex Success Story

Just 2 weeks ago we we featured a duplex available in the City of Maple Heights. The property was reserved by a direct buyer and went under contract a week before construction was complete. It get's even better:

  • 9  leasing applications were received within the first week on market
  • Upper unit was leased at $800/mo
  • Lower unit was leased at $700/mo
  • Both sets of tenants will be moved in by July 1st

We are true to our word when we say that we provide investors
income producing properties upon purchase.

What are you waiting for?
638 Plum Ave was our featured "next success story" from last week. It was reserved within 24 hours and is under contract. 

For those of you who missed out - we can see that this value band is attracting a lot of attention. Here's another one with incredibly high price/rent ratios. In this case, in excess of 1.5%, and offered at only $67k.

This property as a gross monthly rent of $1,023.

 5310 Kohout St. 
  • The current tenant just signed another year lease.
  • Majority of the rent is subsidized and guaranteed by CMHA.
  • The property will transfer with a city Point of Sale Compliance certificate.
  • One year home warranty included. 

Is your bank savings account giving you that type of return?